• The Client is Responsible For The Safety of Everyone on a Construction Site

  • All Employees Must Be Trained on Safety Procedures

  • Safety is Also Important in Solar Installations

  • Solar Farm - Worcester (Western Cape)

  • Construction Safety At All Times

  • Proper Installation Ensures Effective Power Output

  • Design & Feasibility Study is Crucial for Solar Success


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Fish Bowl Business Centre (Pty) Ltd is a new venture that Gerhard Pretorius started with Estelle Pretorius and Jaun-Pierre and Chanel Olivier. This business is a culmination of the combined skills of these individuals and was created to serve small to medium businesses. Team Fish Bowl has not only identified a business opportunity, but have also realised that there are many highly skilled people in South Africa, who have their own businesses, but they get bogged down with the day-to-day running of it, and eventually lose their passion. What once was a wonderful dream ends up being a daily grind, or even worse, the business closes down, and becomes just another statistic. 

Sad, but unfortunately very true.

Over the years Team Fish Bowl has acquired many skills. As most of you know, Gerhard is a graduate mechanical engineer, and in recent years has been involved in project management of large construction projects, Occupational Health and Safety as well as Renewable Energy. But perhaps you did not know that Gerhard has vast business experience as well being quite proficient in the Information Technology field.

Estelle has been writing newsletters for Pivotal Engineering as well as handling the Marketing and Admin of the business. She is a qualified Financial Manager and has recently upskilled on Digital Marketing. Estelle started her working career as a programmer and ever since then has had a great love for everything technology.

Chanel Olivier was born in business. Her parents literally brought her up in their various businesses they had over the years, so she definitely understands it. She is a skilled bookkeeper and payroll administrator, but her passion lies on the creative side. Apart from Fish Bowl Business Centre, she also has a Bridal Make-Up and Hair Company where she lives out her natural talent for beautifying people. Chanel is a fundamental part or Fish Bowl Business Centre and brings a unique viewpoint.

And last but certainly not least, Jaun-Pierre Olivier. Jaun-Pierre is a skilled programmer, IT Professional and a brilliant Digital Marketer. Not only does he understand every aspect of Digital Marketing, but he has the ability to create customised applications when nothing else will do. Like Chanel, Jaun-Pierre was also brought up in business and knows what it takes to make a successful business. And what not. Jaun-Pierre's invaluable skill and insight when it comes to marketing will certainly be a great asset to YOUR business.

Fish Bowl Business Centre serves all small and medium businesses nationwide, even though we are based in Cape Town. Recently, we even signed up some international clients, so it really doesn't matter where you are based, we will find a way to help you.

To find out more, please visit the website.