Solar Engineering

Solar Engineering (2 Part Training Course)

Developed by Gerhard Pretorius (B.Ing) and Riaan Barkhuizen (Pr. Ing)

What is Solar Engineering?

We've developed a two-part training course relating the components of that which we believe to be Solar Engineering.

But! Perhaps we need to start by defining what is engineering.

Definition: Engineering

1.The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and  structures.

2.A field of study or activity concerned with modification or development in a particular area. For example: "software engineering"

3.The action of working artfully to bring something about. For example: "if not for his shrewd engineering, the election would have been lost"

And that brings us to the Solar Engineer.

Definition: Solar Engineer

Solar Engineering is the science of the most effective utilization of the sun as a source of generating electrical energy and then putting that energy to work in homes, businesses or any place where electricity is required. It includes the assessment of the requirements, the design of the optimal solution and the implementation thereof. A solar engineer is usually someone who has some qualification in the engineering field and who has also acquired sufficient knowledge of the solar photo voltaic industry to perform above mentioned actions proficiently. 

Our Course

We have developed a training course which will provide the engineer with just such knowledge. However, since it is such a vast field, we have developed it into a two module course, which can be attended in succession, or individually, depending on time availability. We have also placed great emphasis on the practical part of this field so as to the give attendees ample opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired. From past experience we've learnt that practical examples are key to completely understanding and bedding down the knowledge imparted to the attendees.

Part 1 - Capacity and Component Analysis (One Day)

Capacity and component analysis begins to educate the attendee on the energy resource and the optimal use thereof. It further shows how to determine the client's requirements and from there analyse which components are needed to fulfill that requirement. These components and their functioning are discussed in some detail. Then we move on to the effective design of such a system including correct sizing, the best component for each part of the system and the optimal installation thereof. Safety is an incredibly important part of solar photo voltaic installations and therefore the South African standards and procedures are discussed and explained. We also discuss legalities concerning solar photo voltaic installations and to grid-tie or not.

We leave enough time for attendees to practically use their knowledge acquired as well as discuss own experiences.

As you can see, it is a day packed with action and adventure and if you would like to attend, you need to bring your game face.

Part 2 - How to sell a Solar PV System using Financial Analysis (One Day)

Selling? An engineer selling? How does that happen? 

Well, unfortunately more often than not, it doesn't. We have all these wonderfully talented engineers in South Africa, designing all these brilliant systems which are so effective, but no one knows about it. Why? Because engineers can't sell. Well, most of them can't.

So, we've developed a training course to help engineers understand the engineering of selling. Yes, indeed, you can engineer selling. Even though selling is a social skill more than a technical one. Or is it? 

More often than not, we have found that when someone wants to invest a substantial amount of money they tend to become less social about it and more technical. This is when we engineer selling. If you want to invest a hundred of two hundred thousand Rand, wouldn't you like some guarantees that you will receive the return on investment that you paid for? I certainly will!

This training course endeavors to provide the attendees with exactly the tools they need to be able to give such a guarantee. If you attend this course you will be shown how to calculate upfront what the success of the solar pv system will be and how long it will take the client to get a return on investment. There will be no thumb sucking here. This is something only babies do, anyway. On this course you will be taught to determine exactly what the output of the designed system will be, how long and when it will be able to provide those outputs and how much money your client will save. You will be shown how to use financial calculations to prove your design to your client and why a cheaper system simply will not provide the same solution. Furthermore, you will be given time to practically test your knowledge and discuss your findings.

Another day packed with action and adventure. And you thought engineers can't sell?  

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