Internationally, education and training has become essential for management and employees alike as 
part of the success of businesses and enterprises. It is for this reason that we offer various 
training courses mainly in terms of ensuring a safe working environment for your employees as well 
as any other resources and/or stakeholders.
Please see our  Training Page for more details.

Alternative Energy Consultation

 Power supply is a growing concern internationally as the global community becomes more and more 
concerned for the environment. In South Africa there are a number of possible solutions for 
alternative power sources.
Pivotal Consulting Engineers are experienced in various areas of the power industry and can 
therefore successfully consult clients on the best possible solution. Available solutions range 
from grid power, fossil fuel generators and solar photovoltaic systems.

Process Optimisation

Most processes within a manufacturing concern or a generation plant develop over time, and after a 
few years, can become economically unviable. Pivotal Consulting Engineers analyse the process and 
find the most economical way to redesign and implement a new, more productive process within the 
existing infrastructure.

Occupational Health and Safety

Internationally the health and welfare of employees as well as clients is of the utmost importance. 
Currently we are governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1983 in South Africa. The 
Department of Labour has amended this Act on a number of occasions to adapt to the growing 
industries in this country. Pivotal Consulting Engineers are qualified in terms of the Government 
Certificate of Competence with regards to this Act and can therefore consult our clients from an 
expert position, notwithstanding the years of experience, which offers an added benefit.
In this area, Pivotal Consulting Engineers do audits, site inspections, incident reporting, consult 
on legal liability and assist clients with the legally compliant appointments.


We offer CAD design and manufacturing services through one of our business partners who has many 
years of experience in this field. They offer the highest quality products which can be custom 
designed for your business, factory, plant or wherever you may need it.
Please contact us for more information.