I'd like to introduce you to The Building Centre in Cape Town. We've discussed hosting training events at The Building Centre since last year and now, finally, we have an opportunity to host our Solar PV Introductory Training Course there on the 17th of March. Thank you, Alma, for helping us out of a really tight spot. 


Just to give you a bit of background history, The Building Centre was started in 1953 by Laurie Wale and it is currently being run by the third generation, director Chris Wale, whom I chatted with last year. They have over 200 permanent exhibits (largest of its kind in South Africa) of companies who offer products and services in the construction industry. More relevant to us, is the Eco Exhibit Centre which has recently been integrated into the main exhibition. The Eco Exhibit is where Chris and his team show visitors the value of sustainable design and innovation, green construction methodology, and offer education on environmentally friendly materials. Unfortunately, to really experience it, you'd have to go down to Cape Town and visit them. What a bummer!


Mercedes Benz Energy Storage Unit SmallHustling and Bustling

The Renewable Energy Industry is bustling with activity. Just today I read an article that Mercedes-Benz has now launched a battery system which is now also available in South Africa thanks to ElectroMechanica. It features litium-ion batteries which are also used in the Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid vehicles and comes in upright and wall-mount models. The availables sizes range from 2.5 to 20kWh. That's all the information I have for you at the moment. If you told me ten years ago Mercedes-Benz would manufacture batteries for the Renewable Energy Industry, I would have said you're crazy. I might still be right, that you're crazy, but Mercedes-Benz is selling batteries for energy storage.

Back to the hustling and bustling. We have quite a few clients working on tenders for shopping malls. That does seem like the smart way to go. Using CAPEX to fund a solar pv installation which can provide electricity for all the tenants and then draw income from it. Even if you use some form of finance, it's still the smart choice. 

Next Week's Training 

CR2014 Promote

So, next week we have a bumper week of training. Tuesday the 14th, we are presenting Construction Regulations 2014. If you think you know everything about safety, you don't! I have a bird's eye view of the OHS Act in action and I still get overwhelmed by it all. Remember, even if you have appointed a Safety Agent, you are still responsible, and you need to know what you are responsible for. Seriously, you could end up in court with a charge of man slaughter or worse.

Gerhard is an expert on the South African OHS Act and has up-to-date information on all developments, not only in terms of the Act but also how it impacts the Solar PV Installer.



Solar Engineering

On the 15th we're hosting the Solar Engineering Part 1 and on the 16th the Solar Engineering Part 2 training. There's a reason why we call it Solar Engineering. It's NOT basic training. It explains the engineering side of solar photovoltaic installations. If you want to fully understand that, you need to attend these sessions. It will assist you to provide the correct solution for your client and be able to present a professional financial analysis for your client or the financial institution your client chooses.

And lastly, on Friday the 17th, we are presenting the Solar PV Introductory Course. This course is excellent for newly qualified electricians who need to understand the basics of the Solar PV Industry. In our previous round we had three students (apart from the others) who thoroughly enjoyed the training and could really take something away with them. More than the lunch that is. 


One of my favourites

Mac No CablesOne of my favourite guys to chat to is Mac from East London. Kim MacDonald from Drawtech Engineering. He often makes me realise how little I really know about this industry. Not on purpose. Just by telling me what's happening with their installations, what they experience and the problems that they face from time to time. Mac recently sent me some photos titled "Look Ma, no cables". If you look closely you will see that the only visible cable is that of the satellite dish, which they did not install. Excellent work, Mac! If you ever need someone in East London to help you out with solar pv or electrical work, try Mac. You won't be sorry!


And now, just for fun!

CricketLast week Saturday we played some cricket. What mothers won't do for their kids? It was just for fun and that it was. Sunday morning was less joyful than usual, but still it was a great day. 

Bye for now!