(Prepared by Gerhard Pretorius)


The objective of this training course is to inform and educate individuals (with some technical knowledge) on practical solar photo voltaic rooftop installations.


1 Day Course

Target Audience

-            Electricians wanting to expand into renewable energy market

-            Computer resellers wanting to expand into renewable energy market

-            Other individuals who are interested in the renewable energy market


-            Knowledge of the Fundamentals of Solar Photo Voltaic (PV)

-            Knowledge of Solar PV System components

-            Knowledge of how a Solar PV System works

-            Knowledge of what the functions of the Solar PV System are

-            Knowledge of how it all fits together

-            Apply Solar PV principles to current solar and related products


-            Fundamentals of Solar Photo Voltaic (PV)

  1. Sun
  2. Solar Modules
  3. Different Types of Inverters
    1. Functioning
      1. Grid-Tie Inverter
      2. Hybrid Inverter
      3. Off-grid/Backup Inverter
      4. Solar Charge Controller
  4. Load Profiles
  5. Batteries
  6. Standards & Legislation
  7. Cables, Fuses & Circuit Breakers
  8. Panel calculation – sizing of PV array to suit inverter specifications or limitations

-          Relate technology to current products

-          Inspection of Installed Solar PV Array installation.