Solar Engineering (Part 1): Capacity and Component Analysis

(Prepared by Gerhard Pretorius (B. Ing) and Riaan Barkhuizen (Pr. Ing))

Definition: Engineering

  1. The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.
  2. A field of study or activity concerned with modification or development in a particular area. For example: "software engineering"
  3. The action of working artfully to bring something about. For example: "if not for his shrewd engineering, the election would have been lost"

Definition: Solar Engineering is the science of the most effective utilisation of the sun as a source of generating electrical energy and then

putting that energy to work in homes, businesses or any place where electricity is required. It includes the assessment of the requirements, the design of the optimal solution and the implementation thereof.


The objective of this training course is to inform and educate individuals (usually with some engineering qualification or background) who want to expand their knowledge into the solar energy industry, to train them in the engineering aspects of solar photo voltaic power generation. This course consists of two modules in order to fully cover all aspects of the field. The two modules also enable attendees to complete the series when it is convenient.


1 Day Course


Target Audience

  • Electricians wanting to expand into renewable energy market
  • Current Solar PV Installers wanting to increase their product and technical knowledge
  • Engineers and Senior Management
  • Other technically qualified individuals who are interested in the renewable energy market


  • Able to understand the energy availability
  • Able to determine a load profile
  • Able to determine required capacity and identify the correct components to deliver requirement
  • Able to successfully complete practical examples


  • Understanding the energy availability
    o When
    o How much
    o Location and orientation
    o Calculated vs Actual (real life)
  • Load profiles
    o Obtaining
    o Analysing of power usage
    o Optimising
    o Recommendations and why?
  • Legislation
    o Installation
    o Connecting to Grid
  • Energy Savings Calculation
  • Installation Space
  • Basic Principles for Designing a Solar PV System
    o PV Solar components
    o System Design Considerations and Options
    o Estimating System Output
    o Installation Costs
    o Grid Considerations
    o Design & Calculate the correct system
  • Practical Examples
  • Conclusion of Solar Engineering Part 1

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